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Kohli's appraisal discussion with Dhoni....real funny!!!

Kohli's appraisal discussion with Dhoni

Dhoni: Virat, let's discuss the semifinals.

Kohli: Yes sir!

Dhoni: So let me come to the point straight, our root cause analysis found out that you are responsible for the defeat in this match.

Dhoni and Kohli discussing it as cricketers

Kohli: What ********** how ????

Dhoni: Team was looking up to you and you had to bowl 6 balls with West Indies needing 8 runs, you could have easily defended it, but you let the team down.

Kohli: This is terrible! I tried my best.

Dhoni: Yes, I do understand, but take it positively and try and improve things.

Kohli: What?? I am not a bowler. Did you notice my score in this tournament?

Dhoni: We know that you are batsman and you scored runs, but that is what is expected from a batsman. As a team player, sometime you need to shoulder more responsibilities. Don't you think it is fair expectation considering you are looking for next level role?

Kohli: I need some time to think on how to react.

Dhoni: Yes, take time and come up with a positive improvement plan.

Kohli: Any analysis on those two guys who bowled no-balls?

Dhoni: Let's not bring this kind of environment in a team where we blame each others.


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