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Some jokes

Teacher - Tum bade hokar kya karoge?
Student - Shaadi.
Teacher - Nahi, mera matlab hai kya banoge?
Student - Dulha Banunga.
Teacher - Ohho, I mean to say, bade hoker kya haasil karoge?
Student - Dulhan.
Teacher - Abbe,matlab bade ho kar mummy papa ke liye kya karoge.? Student - Bahu launga. 
Teacher - Haraamkhor.. Tumhare papa tumse kya chahte hain?
Student -  Pota. 
Teacher - Hey bhagwan. Abbe zindagi ka kya maksad hai.?
Student - "Hum do hamare do.
2:20 PM
A bus full of housewives  going on a picnic ,
fell into a river ,
all died .
Each husband cried for a week ,
one husband continued for more than two weeks !!!
When asked that did he miss his wife so much ?
he replied miserably :
My wife 
the bus !!!
In heaven God told all husbands & wives to gather for a meeting! 
He told the men to stand in two queues... 
Those who are controlled by their wives & those who control their wives! 

Only 1 man stood in d second Queue... 

God said "So you control ur wife?" 

Man: "R u CRAZY ??? 
My wife told me to stand here"😂😂😂...

A Junior in office dialled his boss's extension by mistake & said:
Hey, send a coffee in my cabin in 2 min ☕
Boss Shouted: Do u know whom u r talking 2? 😡
Jr : No!
Boss: I'm the BOSS 👺
Jr (in same tone): do u know whom u r talking to?
Boss: No!
Jr : THANK GOD (& disconnected) 😃😃😃

If Flipkart starts matrimonial services 👬, they will become the No.1 site in the world 🌎 because they have a 30 day return 💫policy no questions asked 
Killer.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🔪🔪🔪
A Chinese man married an African woman and had a child. Two months later the child passed away.
At the funeral house, the African woman kept sobbing and saying: "I KNEW IT !!! I KNEW IT !!!"
A family member pulled her aside and asked:
"What did you know?" She replied: "That, Chinese products don't last long!!"

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