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Lake Hillier, Australia

Spiderweb cocooned trees in Pakistan.


Beautiful sandstone formations in Arizona.

Natural salt water fountain off the coast of Oregon.

Reflective salt flats in Bolivia.

Shimmering shores of Vaadhoo, Maldives.

. Giant crystal cave in Nacia, Mexico.

. Underground natural springs in Mexico.

Men at work

A letter to Dad

A father passing by his teenage daughter's bedroom was astonished to see the bed was nicely made and everything was neat and tidy. Then he saw an envelope propped up prominently on the centre of the pillow. It wasaddressed "Dad". With the worst premonition, he opened the envelope and read the letter with trembling hands:- Dear Dad, It is with great regret and sorrow that I'm writing you, but I'm leaving home. I had to elope with my new boyfriend Randy because I wanted to avoid a scene with Mom and you. I've been finding real passion with Randy and he is so nice to me. I know when you meet him you'll like him too - even with all his piercing, tattoos, and motorcycle clothes. But it's not only the passion Dad, I'm pregnant and Randy said that he wants me to have the kid and that we can be very happy together. Even though Randy is much older than me (anyway, 42 isn't so old these days is it?), and has no money, really thes

Hand Paint

Improve patience

Learn alphabets

Alphabets are so intelligently arranged, they show you the way to live life "A"lways "B"e "C"areful. "D"on't have "E"go with "F"riends n Family. "G"I've up "H"urting "I"ndividuals. "J"ust "K"eep "L"oving "M"ankind. "N"ever "O"mit "P"rayers. "Q"uietly "R"emember God. "S"peak "T"ruth. "U"se "V"alid "W"ords. "X"press "Y"our "Z"eal.....!!!!! Have a great life!


India got World cup in Kabaddi

Be Happy with what u have...

Who is Happy ??? A Crow was absolutely satisfied in life. But one day he saw a swan... This swan is so white and I am so black...crow thought. This swan must be the happiest bird in the world. He expressed his thoughts to the swan. "Actually," the swan replied, "I was feeling that I was the happiest bird around until I saw a parrot, which has two colors. I now think the parrot is the happiest bird in creation." The crow then approached the parrot. The parrot explained, "I lived a very happy life—until I saw a peacock. I have only two colors, but the peacock has multiple colors." The crow then visited a peacock in the zoo and saw that hundreds of people had gathered to see him. After the people had left, The crow approached the Peacock.. Dear Peacock, You are so beautiful. Every day thousands of people come to see you. When people see me, they immediately shoo me away. I think you are the happiest bird on the planet. The peacock re

Miracle in Delhi

Observe In one photo Krishna is seeing radha n radha is seeing Krishna. In the he other photo Krishna is seeing in front. Both photos clicked after an hour. People who saw it couldn't believe. This happened in delhi

Watsapp fever

modern crow

Once Upon a Time

ONCE UPON A TIME! When Window was just a square hole in a room & Application was something written on a paper. When Keyboard was a Piano and Mouse just an animal. When File was an important office material and Hard Drive just an uncomfortable road trip. When Cut was done with knife and Paste with glu. When Web was a spider's home and virus was flu. When Apple and Blackberry were just fruits .... That's when we had a lot of time for Family & Friends

River in Egypt.

Korfu, a River in Egypt. The water is so clear dat it looks like a boat is flying in air .  

Warning from indian oil

Warning from indian oil !!!Due to increase of temperature in the summer season, please dont fill petrol to the max. It will cause explosion in the fuel tank. If u want petrol, then fill to half and leave a space for air. This week 5 explosive accidents happened due to filling petrol to maximum.Dont let the msg stop here. Let others and your family who drive know about it so they can avoid it... Please SHARE this to ur friends

Leave Application

Leave Application Dear Sir, Greetings! I dont want to lie. My country needs me tomorrow. It's time to display the patriotism by entire nation. I want to apply for the leave which I call as patriotism leave. Its India vs Australia in world cup semi final. My nation needs me. Kindly grant me the leave. . . . . . .Auto reply from boss. . . . . Dear Sender, I will be on sick leave tomorrow. Response will be delayed. Regards